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Here are Busch Systems, we are proud to be a Certified B-Corporation! And as a B-Corp, we take our social impact and environmental responsibilities very seriously.

Business, one of the most powerful forces people have created, can and should be used for good. And everyone, from business leaders to policymakers to employees and consumers — can make changes that will positively impact the system.

B-Corp Month is about sharing and celebrating what businesses can do improve the world we live in every day. For Busch, that means demonstrating our active commitment to reducing waste, building community, and doing what we can to leave the world a little better than we found it.

Before we dive in, let’s start at the beginning –


What is a ‘B-Corp’?

‘B Corp’ is a certification a company can earn when they meet a high level of social and environmental standards. To qualify, a company must commit to a legally-binding responsibility to protect the interests of its workers, the community, and the environment, in addition to its shareholders. B Corps pay an annual fee based on revenues, complete a public B Impact Report every 3 years, and meet B-Lab’s comprehensive social and environmental performance standards in order to receive certification.

Here’s a short video summary on B-Certification from the folks at B-Lab:


Behind the ‘B’

This year’s B-Corp Month theme is ‘Behind the B’ – meaning we get the opportunity to take you behind the scenes of what we do and show you the many ways in which Busch Systems is proud to be a B-Corporation!


Our mission is to support everyone who cares about waste diversion with leading edge products and services that maximize the quantity and quality of their recycling programs. To do so, we integrate social and environmental policies & practices into our daily work, targets & goals, and decision-making. We hold ourselves accountable to our workers, our community, and the environment, in addition to our customers and our stakeholders.


At every level in our company, we take the financial, physical, professional, and social wellbeing of our employees very seriously. Our top priority in our office and warehouses is the health, complete wellness, and safety of all workers, and we regularly monitor and evaluate employee satisfaction & engagement. This ranges from providing all employees with a living wage and career development support to staff appreciation events and weekly yoga sessions every Wednesday morning!


We actively seek to contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of the communities we operate in municipally, globally, and everything in between. Busch supports local, empowers individuals & organizations pushing for progressive change, and has charitable giving built into our operations with Project RISE, employee volunteering supports, and formal community investment policies.


As a company devoted to waste management, diversion, & reduction, environmental stewardship may be our biggest focus! For over 35 years, we have delivered innovative & sustainable recycling and waste solutions. Our products all contain a mandatory-minimum amount of recycled materials, our Project RISE donation program actively supports five charities all doing important environmental work, and even our bins themselves can be recycled at the end of their lifecycles.


We hold ourselves to the highest standard of customer service. Busch Systems is the top-rated brand in recycling & waste containers on Trustpilot, at least in part because we don’t just sell our customers bins – we support them in their waste-program journey every step of the way. This includes expert advice on how to best start a new program or grow one that already exists, free monthly ‘Green Thinking’ webinars, highly customizable bins, and even this resource-packed blog with helpful tips & recycling info!


How can we celebrate B-Corp Month?

Want to celebrate B-Corp Month with us? Here are a few ideas!

Find B Corps making products you use.

The products you shop for every day are probably also made by B-Corp certified brands. From ice cream to cleaning products to beer to t-shirts, and so much more (yes, recycling and waste bins included!), start keeping an eye out for the Certified B Corp logo when you shop. And you can always search for products made by B Corp brands before heading to the store here.

Run a business yourself? You can also look for certified B-Corps to assist in your day to day operations, including law firms, marketing agencies, travel agents, real estate companies, and more.

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Busch Systems is your direct source for innovative & eco-friendly recycling, waste, & PPE containers. Like us, our customers care about their social & environmental impact. We became B Corp-certified to demonstrate our active commitment to reducing waste, building community, and doing what we can to leave the world a little better than we found it.