Compost Bin at a Restaurant recycling resources
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The restaurant industry can be hectic, making it difficult to find time to research waste reduction tips and green initiatives for your business. That’s why we’ve compiled the 12 best resources that will help you improve your restaurant’s recycling program!

Standardize your program, add more recycling stations, reduce contamination—these are all the typical phrases you’ll hear in the recycling community about how to improve diversion rates and reduce costs for your restaurant. Although these practices are tried and true, there are many moving parts to each that makes tackling them successfully a little more difficult—but that’s where you come in!

The team at Busch Systems has put together the following essential list of 12 best resources to help you learn how to run a spectacular recycling & waste management program. Even better, they’re all free!

If you know of some more resources that can help us further educate, please comment below with your suggestions and we’ll add them to the list. And don’t forget to bookmark this page, so you can refer back to it when you’ve got some more time to brush up on your recycling & waste management skills for your restaurant.

  1. Recycling Guidebook for the Hospitality and Restaurant Industry [Guide]
    ~10 min read.

    This guidebook walks you through many important aspects of recycling in the food industry. It is a great resource to help you understand things like how to perform a waste audit, reasons why you should recycle, tips for talking to your hauler, and how to educate and promote your program.

  2. The Application of Waste Minimisation to Business Management to Improve Environmental Performance in the Food and Drink Industry [Study]
    ~60 min read.

    This study focuses on the importance of reducing waste in the food and drink industry. Any food business considering zero waste or waste reduction will find this study fascinating as it addresses the issues with food and packaging waste in the industry.

  3. Cut Waste, Grow Profit [Report]

    ~75 min read.

    This paper reports many statistics and findings from other studies to make recommendations on how to reduce waste and save money. If you’re looking into starting or expanding your organics collection within your restaurant, this is a must-read!

  4. Waste Reduction & Recycling Tips for Restaurants [Blog]

    ~15 min read.

    This quick read includes a list of tips that will help you divert waste within your restaurant. It explains how diverting waste can help your bottom line and provides extra tips on how to properly recycle.

  5. Restaurant Recycling [Blog]

    ~10 min read.

    This blog focuses on types of materials that can be commonly recycled at your restaurant and tips to prevent food waste and materials that can’t be recycled. It provides some easy and creative solutions that are much more profitable and environmentally friendly than sending waste to the landfill.

  6. 16 Tips for Restaurant Food Waste Reduction [Blog]

    ~20 min read.

    Many restaurant owners can confirm that disposing of waste and organics can be quite expensive. This article focuses on how to reduce those costs by providing some great tips on how to dramatically reduce waste within your restaurant.

  7. How to Run an Environmentally Friendly Restaurant (11 Ways to Go Green) [Blog]

    ~10 min read.

    This blog is a quick and easy read that goes beyond waste reduction to provide some amazing suggestions on how to make your restaurant more environmentally friendly. These quick tips will help you generate ideas on how to apply these principles to your business and greatly reduce your restaurant’s environmental impact.

  8. How to Go Green at your Restaurant [Blog]

    ~10 min read.

    Building off of the previous blog listed above, this article expands on the easy changes your business can make in order to continue its commitment to sustainability.

  9. Recycling Fast Food Waste [Blog]

    ~5 min read.

    Many fast-food chains have started to take steps towards a greener future. This article outlines some of the smaller and easier initiatives that will help fast-food restaurants be less wasteful and more environmentally friendly.

  10. Recycling in Restaurants [Infographic]

    ~5 min read.

    If you’re looking for a quick and easy fact sheet on recycling in restaurants, check out this infographic featuring some insightful stats that will motivate you to start recycling in your restaurant.

  11. How to Reduce Food Waste in the Restaurant and Catering Business [Blog]

    ~15 min read.

    This article not only outlines 10 different ways to reduce food waste in your business, but also provides tips on how to properly segregate waste including difficult items such as fryer oil. These tips will have you reducing waste in no time!

  12. Recycling in the Food Service Industry [Webinar Recording]

    ~60 min video.

    If you’re losing your motivation to read about recycling in the food service industry, try watching our free webinar recording! This video includes a full presentation on how to reduce waste, cut costs, and recycle better within your restaurant. This resource is full of tips to help you improve your restaurant’s sustainability and achieve program success.

And there you have it! Plenty of resources to get your journey to sustainable waste management started. We’ll continue to update this page as we see more great information come down the pipe. And again, if you think we’ve missed some more resources, feel free to comment below.

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