Tennessee Recycling Coalition

Did you know that recycled materials have value and contribute to the economic well-being of your state? Did you know they also add revenue to local governments, help avoid those landfill tipping fees and protect the environment by diverting material from landfills? High fives if you already knew this, but if you didn’t don’t sweat it!

The state of Tennessee definitely falls into the former category thanks to The Tennessee Recycling Coalition – an organization that’s been doing a really commendable job at keeping the state of Tennessee beautiful.

Since 1991 the TRC has been dedicated to making recycling the standard in Tennessee by promoting reuse and the management of sustainable material. Consisting of many individuals, companies and industries, the TRC works hand in hand with governments at local, state and federal levels to spread knowledge about recycling by providing education, resources and outreach programs to the people of Tennessee. A shining example of how people, industries and governments can work together to improve the environment.

For TRC’s dedication to improving recycling, from September 1st to December 31st 2014 Busch Systems is proud to offer all members of the Tennessee Recycling Coalition 10% off ALL NEW Orders. Any new members of the TRC receive 10% off their first order with a full year to take advantage of this offer!

What can we say – Busch Systems loves being able to help out those who are so dedicated to recycling!

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