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Busch Systems Glossary Terms


What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is being able to continue certain habits without having long-term, adverse effects on the environment. It is taking aspects of those habits and making them more environmentally frie...


What is single-stream/commingled recycling collection?

Single-stream recycling collection, also known as commingled recycling collection, is a system where all recyclable materials are collected in one location and are not separated ba...


What is Source Reduction?

Source reduction is the process of reducing waste from a product before it is created through the product design, purchase of materials, and production. Businesses try to accomplish these factors ...


What are Streams?

A Stream is what is used to divide types of recyclable refuse. Depending on the recycling program being applied in a community or business, recyclables can be divided into single or multi-stream s...


What are Secondary Materials?

Secondary Materials are materials that have been used, recycled and sold for use in manufacturing. These products allow for less reliance on the search for new raw resources for items such as pape...


What is Stream Contamination?

Stream contamination is when a recycling stream is compromised in some form. This can range from unemptied packaging to the entry of non-recyclable materials like plastic bags. It occurs most oft...


What is a Station Audit?

A Station Audit is an analysis of the centralized Recycling & Waste stations within your facility’s Refuse Streams.

A Waste Audit can identify what types of Re...


What is Stream Composition?

Stream Composition is the makeup of the materials within a specific Stream.

For example, the default Stream Composition of the Mixed Recyclables Stream in the Re...


What is a Station?

A station is a group of collection containers in the same immediate area. Each station can include multiple streams. For example, a station can be composed of...


What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 interlinked goals that create an agenda for all countries to work towards to achieve a...


What is Sustainable Development?

According to the Our Common Future Report, also known as the Brundtland Report, Sustainable Development is “meeting the needs of current generations without...