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Busch Systems Glossary Terms


What is the difference between Institutional and Industrial Waste?

Institutional and industrial waste are classifications of refuse based on where they originate. Institutional waste is waste produced from institutions such as schools, hospitals, or prisons. The...


What is an Intermediate Processing Center (IPC)?

An Intermediate Processing Center (IPC) is a recycling center that is between the municipal collection program and the Municipal Recycling Center (MRC). Much like the MRC, the IPC separates recycl...


What is Incineration?

Incineration serves in waste management as a way to treat waste through controlled burning. This treatment is often used in the production of electricity as it reduces the mass of waste up to 96 p...


What are Injection Wells?

Injection wells first became widespread during the 1930s, where they were used to store brine that was created during oil production. In the 1950s, chemical companies began to use these wells to s...


What is In-vessel Composting?

In-vessel Composting is a practice in disposing of organic refuse in large batches. Unlike conventional composting or methods like windrows, in-vessels take up less land, process organics faster, ...


What is Ionizer?

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