Into the Green Bin: Collecting Food Waste From Institutional Settings

Presented in partnership with EcoSafe

Original air date: January 12th, 2022 at 1:00pm EDT



With landfilled food waste increasingly seen as a significant source of methane emissions, and states like California and Massachusetts beginning to mandate food waste diversion programs, organizations across the US and Canada are moving compost collections to the top of their priority list. Along the way, however, sustainability managers from several sectors are confronting both familiar and novel challenges.

What steps can be taken to increase participation and avoid contamination? How does one avoid odors and pests, not to mention inflated perceptions about them? How do you integrate organics recovery with existing food service operations and waste collections?

This free webinar featured a panel of veteran program managers from a range of different institutions. Watch the replay to see them share the lessons they’ve learned through case study presentations and an extended panel discussion integrated with a Q&A.

Moderated by:

Alec Cooley
Senior Advisor, Busch Systems


** This webinar was followed by a product showcase, featuring three members of our sales team and some of our most popular organic waste bins. You can access the slidedeck for that showcase below, under Resources & Downloads. If you are interested in learning more about Busch Systems and which products would be best for your facility or institution, please contact our Sales Team ( **