mosaic series containers introduction press release

Busch Systems introduces new, patent-pending recycling and waste containers with a focus on signage that provides superior waste diversion for your program. Introducing the Mosaic™ Series, an innovative and versatile modular recycling and waste container system!

This premium-quality product features a sturdy and durable structure that incorporates customizable signage, along with patent-pending bag retention clips to keep bags securely in place. With the Mosaic’s innovative snap together modular design, you can easily reconfigure your waste and recycling collection station to meet the needs of multiple spaces within your building. Signage has never seen such a focus in bin design before – whether it’s communicating your program, or your branding, the possibilities are endless with the Mosaic Series.

Busch Systems International is a Certified B Corporation and has been a leader in the design of recycling and waste containers since 1985.

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