Running an event is quite the undertaking! It can take months to organize, plan and confirm to ensure everything will go smoothly. Now of course recycling and waste containers are a crucial part of any event, especially for those green and eco ones we all love! But the real question is what type of recycling container is right for your next big event?

Recycling Bins for EventsMany businesses like to use our event recycling containers because they are cost efficient and portable, which is understandable. They are great collection containers for that purpose. However we have been seeing a growing trend of event planners using regular recycling and waste containers that are made for year round use. After the event is over they simply put the containers in storage and reuse them next year. What an innovative idea!

Just recently a seasonal ski company called me about this very thing: getting recycle bins for an upcoming event they are planning. After hearing about this inventive idea (and given the fact that it was to be a yearly event) I recommended they use regular recycling containers rather than event recycling containers. They loved the idea and decided to go with our Waste Watcher Series recycling containers. It’s funny, because we’re always talking about reusing here at Busch, I just never thought about it with our recycling containers before. It just makes sense!

“From the Recycling Experts”

Cassidy Lemoine