Tree growing from an open book

Books are a great way to waste an afternoon or a rainy day by informing or taking you on many adventures to faraway lands.  As great as books are, what do you do with the old ones that take up space and are not wanted or needed anymore?  Some recycling programs won’t accept them, and second-hand bookstores can only take on so many books and have standards for what condition the books have to be in.

Well, worry no more!  Rather than tossing it into the trash, why not upcycle them instead?  So whether you use them for yourself or a bibliophile friend, these projects are ideal for turning a new page in some old books.

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Book Clock

Though they say never to judge a book by its cover, this fun project is perfect for a book with a cover design that you enjoy.  All you need is a book and a clock making set, which can be found at your local arts and crafts store.  Simply drill a hole in the middle of the cover, install the clock set as instructed on the packaging, and enjoy.

Clock made out of a book

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Table Lamp

A bit more complicated than the book clock.  You’ll need a stack of hardcover books and a few other parts for the lamp.  The result will be an elegant lamp that will light up any room or be perfect for the reading corner.

Lamp made with books

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If working with electrical supplies isn’t for you, maybe a nice clutch will do.  All you need is a hardcover book, some fabric, zipper, and a glue gun to make this nifty little accessory.  The nice part about this project is that the final product doesn’t have to be used just as a clutch but could also serve as a pencil case.

purse made of old book

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Book Box

How often have you wanted one of those books that were a secret compartment to store stuff?  Well, here is your chance to make one for yourself.  Using an old hardcover book, carve out the center to create a compartment to hide your treasures.

Upcycled book

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For someone looking to add some uniqueness to your bedroom, why not try a book headboard?  Since some recycling programs won’t accept hardcovers from books, this exciting addition will make good use of the different covers found on your books.  All you need is some wood board, glue, and a few book covers to make this bookish bed.

Book headboard

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