Knights Logo recycling binsThe recycling bin has come a long way since its early inception as a curb side blue box. This is mainly due to the fact that recycling programs have been constantly changing over the past 30 years. What was once a relatively limited collection process has evolved into an integral part of waste management right around the globe.

Luckily, the recycling bin has evolved with this changing landscape. What was once a simple blue box has now transformed into an array of products with a multitude of functions. While the blue box is still around (for now), the world of recycling bins has changed markedly.

Indoor recycling bins are now designed to serve different purposes based on the needs of particular collection programs. Due to the fact that there are no real standards or consistency from program-to-program, recycling containers need to be flexible and adaptable to just about any program.

Single stream recycling collection involves paper, cans and bottles all being collected together, in one container. These bins are often denoted with a specific lid and opening (usually consisting of a paper slot with a round hole in the center for the cans/bottles).

Regardless of the collection program in place, recycling bins need to communicate to the end user in a simple and direct way. Using color is a great way to let people know ‘what items go in which bin’. Another way in which recycling containers can reflect their function is through different shaped openings. Slots, squares, circles, diamonds and the aforementioned ‘mixed’ opening all let people know the specific collection uses of particular bins.

The key is to be aware of the colors and openings which are used in your particular municipality when it comes to recycling collection, as this can change from town-to-town, state-to-state.

Using signage is another way in which recycling bins have evolved. Clearly stating the contents allowed in a particular bin can help to reduce contamination, increase diversion rates and help to ensure the success of your collection program.

Any way you look at it, recycling bins have come a long way. However, there is still a long way to go in regard to the evolution of recycling bins. Stay tuned, as we here at Busch Systems have invested a great deal of time and resources into ensuring that the future of recycling bins is going help lead the way to higher participation in programs right around the world.

The future of recycling bins is looking good for everyone. The blue box has certainly come a long way.