As students once again start flooding the halls of schools, they may quickly notice their school colors and logo aren’t just appearing on jerseys and gym walls.  More and more Knights Logo Waste Recycling Containerschools are now taking advantage of the opportunity to have their recycling & waste containers branded with their school colors/logos. Yes, we are now adding more than just recycled content to our recycling bins!  Today there is more focus than ever on “Going Green” so by implementing school branded bins it will add to the overall excitement and help increase the total amount of recyclables collected.

One might think that a custom option such as this wouldn’t be cost effective – but then again, perhaps you haven’t had the privilege of working with Busch Systems yet.  Our graphic design department is ready to take your school colors/logos and create a mock-up of what your containers could look like, best of all it’s a free service we provide.  Let your students know that recycling is important and deserves the honor to proudly ‘wear’ your school colors!