One of the more effective methods of maximizing the potential of your campus recycling program is by tapping into your school spirit. Most students have a healthy amount of pride in their institute of learning and when you combine school spirit and recycling efforts, the results can be very powerful.

Clemson University Recycling Station

Customized University Recycling Station

Take Clemson University, for example. The school has set high goals for their sustainability practices, most notably their recycling program. In order to help achieve this goal, the University is using customized Indoor/Outdoor Sorts from Busch Systems branded with their school logo and colors. This clearly ties their school identity with their recycling efforts and the results speak for themselves.

Since implementing the containers at the school, they have seen increases in their recycling rates.  The stations are easily recognizable and easy to use, thus encouraging recycling across campus.

Consider a customized recycling station branded with your school logo and school colors… it just might inject some much-needed ‘spirit’ into your recycling program.