Promotional materials if used effectively can boost a campaigns result. When shaping a promotional program establish a clear objective with suitable materials, a viable action plan and creative method for delivering it. This article reveals how a recycling program or service can use promotional materials to influence others.

A successful promotional program needs a clear objective for what the items are designed to accomplish. Determine if materials are being used to introduce, motivate or express appreciation of participants or customers. This will assist in developing the most suitable means for organizing the balance of the marketing campaign.

Once the program goal is set promotional materials can be selected which compliment it. Unique marketing items which service the overall goal can set a business apart from its competition. Creative materials will also produce the greatest return on investment. For example, if the goal is to educate participants on a new municipal recycling program consider selecting a miniature recycling container. The container could be branded with municipal logos and filled with recycling instructions. This would remind and educate participants of the program. It would also develop understanding, motivation and a call to action.

After the items are selected, they need to be organized so to best service the goal. For instance, using items which relate to the audience in an incentive based program can increase participation. An elementary school may consider using an award based program. The prize could be a magnet which features a recycling award with the student’s name on it. The magnets would service the overall marketing goal by reminding and motivating students to participate.

Once the materials are chosen a unique method for distributing them needs to be established. A well organized delivery can entice participants to pursue the program or service further. If the goal is to express appreciation or to introduce recycling services, consider placing the items on customer doorsteps. Miniature recycling containers could be stamped with contact information and filled with treats. This would serve to express appreciation or introduce the service to customers.

Promotional products can be a great tool for any recycling program or services. Critical to the use of marketing materials is ensuring that a clear objective is set, relevant materials are selected, a firm action plan is outlined and a creative delivery method is arranged. Once each of these elements is considered, the items can work to influence others and ensure that marketing dollars are well spent.

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