Have You Incorporated A Single-Stream Recycling System?

Congratulations!  You have adopted a new, exciting trend exploding throughout the recycling industry. Now that you have made the switch there are three key questions which require evaluation: are you confident that recyclables will be effectively collected, does your program garner the greatest diversion rates possible and are contributors motivated to use it?

A single-stream recycling program is only as successful as its contributor’s involvement; therefore, establishing ways to maximize participation is vital to the progression of the system.

Is Your Program Effective?

If your waste management program collects all reusable materials into one large container which is placed at the exterior of the home, it is not reaching its full potential.

The system does effectively collect materials for curbside pickup by a waste hauler, which transports the recyclables to a recovery factory and prepares them for reuse. Hence, materials are effectively diverted away from landfills; reducing disposal costs and conserving natural resources. Yet, the program as a whole fails to account for user application and integration.

Does Your Program Garner the Utmost in Diversion Rates?

If your recycling system utilizes large scale collection carts which encourage exterior placement, it requires a concentrated effort for material deposit and transportation from the end user. As a result, the majority of your recyclables are ending up in more conveniently located waste baskets. This issue can be remedied with the application of the Busch Systems ‘Multi-Recycler’.

The small capacity receptacle is equipped with handles and custom designed to fit seamlessly under kitchen sinks or on cabinet doors, in replace or accompaniment of traditional garbage cans. The container can be emptied into a larger wheeled container located at the exterior of the home which reduces the frequency of disposal, exertion resulting from transportation and boosts collection rates.

Are Participants Motivated To Use The Program?

Continue to promote the program early and often with incentives, education and progress reports. Motivate the end user with information on the programs design for environmentally sustainability.

For example, if your program incorporates containers locally manufactured, with a minimum of 35% recycled content and are 100% recyclable make users aware of it! As these extra design steps which were carefully taken to affect overall recycling results can also work to motivate user participation.

In conclusion, your single-stream system will inevitably garner greater participation than traditional multi-system recycling programs as a result of its simplified collection processes. This increased participation can be better maximized by tweaking the system so that the outcome matches the intent.

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