Desk side recycling bins have been popular for a number of years. However, it’s a small accessory that is helping to revolutionize our collection habits. By placing a simple Hanging Waste Basket onto the side of any recycling container, you are helping to make collection easy. As we know, easy collection makes for substantial change! Since the waste baskets are small, it can help discourage waste and increase recycling collection.

28 Quart with Hanging Waste BasketThink of it like this: you have a recycling bin under your desk. The container has a small waste basket attached to it. The waste basket is only big enough to fit a minimal amount of trash. The message is clear: reduce waste and increase recycling. People’s behaviour can be easily modified with the design of a bin. What a concept!

By adding a hanging basket to the side of any recycle bin, you have now created a mini recycling station right at every desk in your office or school.

Since the waste baskets can come with a lid, garbage is kept contained and out of sight. It is a great way to collect recycling and waste in a clean, aesthetically-pleasing way.

If you like, the waste basket can be mounted to the side of a desk or even right to a wall for convenient collection anywhere. When we make recycling and waste collection easy, we are almost guaranteeing a higher success rate for our collection programs. It’s a win-win situation.

Add a small waste basket to your bins. Your recycling rates just might get bigger!


“From the Recycling Experts”

by Chris McBrien