One of the biggest challenges we hear about from our customers is the need to increase participation in recycling programs. After all, a recycling container is not much good unless someone uses it. If getting people to use the recycling bins is the challenge, then the answer may very well be to customize the bins and make them really stand out.

Busch Systems is all about customization. That’s one of the things that makes us so different. You don’t always need to buy 5000 recycle bins just to get a customized bin. Let’s work together on your recycling initiatives.

Customized Recycling BinWho says every collection bin has to be blue? What if your recycling program had a look that reflected your school, business or office? Just think of it… would students on campus be more likely to use a recycling station that was done up in the colors of the college sports teams? Would people be more likely to fill bins with recyclables if the bins matched your corporate branding? The answer is “yes” and the good news is that we can do that!

School recycling bins that match college logos. Office recycling bins that match corporate branding. Stadium recycling stations that match sports team colors. The day of the standard blue bin is no more! If you want to get creative with your recycling program, give us a call. We’re always there to help customize your recycling bins.

“From the Recycling Experts”

By Chris McBrien