Fulton County Recycling

Johnstown Library Recycling PackageThe Johnstown (New York) Public library holds an annual fundraiser, where community groups or individuals donate gift baskets, which are displayed for several weeks and then raffled off at an ice cream social, with proceeds going to support programs at the library. Baskets have a theme and must include books. Originally, this fundraiser was aimed at children’s literature (such as a Winnie the Pooh basket with kids’ books and stuffed animals, or a horse theme for pre-teen girls.) Over the years, the basket submissions have evolved into a very creative effort – with the baskets themselves often a primary foundation that is tied into the theme.

This is the first year the Fulton County Department of Solid Waste and Recycling Division participated in this event. We used two of the stackable recycling bins from Busch Systems as the base for our donation.  They looked awesome when put together and will be a useful addition to the winner’s indoor recycling efforts.

Johnstown Library Recycling PackageThe fact that these colorful recycle bins are made from recycled content plastic was another consideration when purchasing them. Items that went into the bins were recycling or environmental books purchased for the donation, as well as departmental promotions and other items collected throughout the year as give-aways at recycling conferences or sample items sent by manufacturing companies. And in the spirit of reuse, the recycling department even provided the filler – shredded paper generated from the office (which can later be recycled). The recycling themed “basket” was assembled by library staff, and the Solid Waste Department was very happy with how the entire project turned out.

I would also like to compliment the sales staff at Busch Systems, who were very helpful in working with me on this project.


Dianne W.

Recycling Coordinator

Fulton County Department of Solid Waste