In a quest to be more sustainable, buying your produce and meats locally can be one of the best ways to lower your carbon footprint while getting to enjoy some delicious and healthy meals.

The food that we buy from supermarket chains often travels an average of 745 miles (1200km) to get from the farm to your dinner plate.

Fresh Produce in Market

The closer your food is to home, the fewer transportation emissions. The farther the food needs to travel, the higher the need for processing and refrigeration to ensure food doesn’t spoil.

Trying to find sources for local food is entirely different matter. Local food vendors don’t operate like massive groceries chains, opened at all hours of the day serving “fresh” produce.

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Hungry for Local? There’s an App for That

farmers fields

A Canadian company has taken the guesswork out of where to get locally grown food.

Ei Ei Eat is an app that connects people with local producers, retailers and restaurants that serve, grow and sell local food and drink.

Ei Ei Eat also connects retailers, wholesale buyers, producers, farmers markets and food bloggers together into one giant network of connected, eco-conscious gourmands.

farm fresh vegetables

Of course, the app does more than just connecting people, it also lets people follow their local food providers and get daily “fresh” updates, scan labels to verify a product is local and show more information on that product.

The app lets you keep track of how you’ve been contributing to the local food economy with a handy online portfolio, and allows you share your eat-local experience encouraging others to join in on supporting the local food economy.

Did we mention that all of this is free? Well, it is! Sign up today and once the mobile app becomes available in spring 2016, you can get connected with local food anywhere!

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