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Clemson University Recycling StationWe are a major University and have set high goals for our sustainability practices and most importantly for our recycling program. We acquired several hundred sets of the Busch Systems Waste Watcher to assist us in our collection points on campus. It was helpful for us to know that using the Waste Watchers was also a benefit to our sustainable goals in that they have a minimum of 35% recycled content.

Since the acquisition of the Waste Watchers we have seen increases in our recycling rates on campus and have continued to see those numbers go up. They are easily recognizable and are able to be conveniently located in our campus buildings.

Clemson University Recycling BinsSubsequently, after we placed the Waste Watchers in our buildings, that expanded to a customized Indoor Sort that Busch Systems developed with our school colors and labeling especially for us. The Indoor Sorts have proven successful and have fit right in with our recycling program goals.


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