If you live or have ever lived in a dorm or a smaller apartment, then you probably know how important it is to find new ways to save space!  Living in cramped spaces means that you have to use the same areas for multiple purposes.

After living in a dorm room with two other people, I can assure you that having to use the same side of the room as a bedroom, living room, kitchen and your closet isn’t fun or convenient. Which is why using such a simple tool like a can crusher can help you save space, keep tidy and organized and of course, help the environment by recycling.

Here are a few ways how the mighty can crusher can help small space living:

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Space Saver


The handiest benefit of a can crusher is that it lets you save valuable space. This is possible because most devices will compress even the biggest 12 or 16-ounce cans (depending on what kind of can crusher you have) into 1-inch tall circles. Therefore, your full-size cans turn into small aluminum stubs that don’t take up a lot of space and are easily collectible for later recycling.

By using an aluminum can crusher for recycling, you not only help the environment by not allowing your aluminum waste to accumulate in landfills for hundreds of years.

You could potentially earn additional cash (for more tasty beverages?) as many areas have recycling facilities that pay you for every pound of aluminum you bring to them!

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Keeping Things Tidy


On top of the space saving benefit, a can crusher can also be an excellent way to keep your room or apartment tidy and clean.  There’s no reason to have empty cans littering your floor when the time it takes for you to compress those empties can be cut down to seconds.  The schedule of a college student is busy one, so making clean-up quick and easy means more time to study…right?

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Easier Cleanup After A Party

Crushed Cans

Being at College and University is not just about studying and exams, it’s also about meeting new people, having fun and of course… parties! But if you are the one throwing the parties or have been a host of a party even once then you know how hard it can be to clean up after a big bash – empty plates, glasses and aluminum cans get everywhere.

Although a dishwasher (or an unlucky roommate) can help with the cleanup of the dishes, a can crusher can be your best friend in cleaning up those empty cans.  Instead of putting them in a trash bag and throwing them out, quickly compress them and bring them to an aluminum recycling place, and maybe earn back some cash to use for the next party!

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 Fun And Safe Way To Get Rid Of Aluminum Cans


If you still aren’t convinced that you should get a can crusher for your space, then remember that while being a fun way to get rid of your cans, it’s also a safer way too. Aluminum tends to be quite sharp when it is bent and crushing cans with your hands or legs makes it more likely you might cut yourself.

By using a can crusher to compress a can, you don’t have to hold it in your hands. Therefore, there is a decreased chance of injury.  Of course, as mentioned, using a crusher simply is that much more fun, because you get to squish things without getting into trouble for it!

So what’s the final grade on the can crusher? Easy to use, and helps keep small spaces like dorm rooms or apartments tidier (and party ready!) while reducing landfill waste when partnered with a recycling program.  That’s a pretty good case for adding a can crusher to your back-to-school supply list!

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Jeremy Collins About the author:

Jeremy Collins is editor of DoRecycling.com, a green living website filled with tips on how you can reduce waste, increase recycling and improve your green habits.

After moving from a small apartment into a larger house with his family, Jeremy’s eyes were opened to the benefits of green living. All the tips and tricks he learned in a quest to live greener can be found on his website!

” By thinking more about the environment, you also think more about yourself, so living green improves not only the environment but also you as a human.” Jeremy Colline, DoRecycling.com

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