In 2010 Busch Systems International celebrates its banner 25th year. Committed to developing legendary waste, compost and recycling bins the company has set the industry standard for innovation. Busch Systems has created more new moulded containers in the past 25 years than all other manufactures combined.

Busch Systems is proud of the contributions they have made to making recycling simple. The company continues to introduce new methods for material collection in the recycling industry. Busch containers are easy to use and custom designed to improve recycling programs in different spaces.

Offering complete recycling packages, Busch Systems provides resources for setting up programs in any space and the recycling bins to maximize its participation. Busch Systems is committed to reducing our carbon footprint both through effective collection methods and container manufacturing. Busch containers consist of a minimum of 35% recycled content, are 100% recyclable and made in North America.

From its inception 25 years ago the company has expanded across North America and Europe. Busch now has a product portfolio including hundreds of products and over 40 employees. Today, the company has hundreds of recycling programs running out of tens of millions of homes.

Craig Busch, Chief Executive and President of Busch Systems, proudly notes that “This milestone is largely thanks to the team of people behind it. I am looking forward to the new recycling bins which the company will be introducing in the near future and where they will bring us over the next 25 years.”

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