Just after their recent launch of the new ‘Green Facts’ Recycling Signage, Busch Systems has announced a new initiative to promote recycling among communities.  For the month of March, the Busch Systems Sales Team is offering a complimentary generic recycling sign for each sign frame that is purchased.

The sign frames were developed to compliment their Waste Watcher Centralized Collection Containers Series.  These recycling and waste receptacles were developed ideally for community and school recycling programs as well as ‘green office’ programs.

Waste Watcher Recycling Bins

Free Recycling Signage Promotion with every Sign Kit Purchased through Busch Systems

According to CEO and Founder Craig Busch; “We created the Waste Watcher Centralized Container Series to help facilitate high recycling participation rates.  Through consistent visual reinforcements that their personal contributions are making a tangible and measurable difference, people are given the pat on the back that keeps them motivated to recycle.  Our new Recycling Facts Signage instantly rewards and encourages recycling participants through colourful, informative prompts that tell them how their individual recycling efforts are saving the environment.  We designed these signs to take standard 8 ½ X 11 paper, so that motivational information, successes and milestones could be communicated quickly and effectively to maintain and even increase participation rates.”


Busch Systems Sales Manager Serena Brooks states; “Our Waste Watchers Centralized Containers with Recycling Signage are an excellent choice when creating an effective recycling program in a school, office or community facility.  The Recycling Signage and Kits are available separately and are compatible with similar recycling and waste containers that are on the market.  Our Recycling Signs provide a clear division and purpose for each of your recycling and waste receptacles and encourage people to ‘do their part’ by prompting them with factual visual aids that deliver feel good messages as to how they are reducing their carbon footprint.  It is important that participants know that by recycling just one can, one bottle, one piece of paper, they really are making a difference.”

The Waste Watcher Containers are offered in a variety of colors with many lid styles and openings to choose from.  If you are looking to separate your cans, bottles, glass and paper efficiently, the Waste Watcher Containers have unique connector kits available to create a stable and durable recycling station.  Their free recycling signage promotion is sure to be a hit with school recycling programs and community recycling initiatives.  For more information about the complimentary Recycling Signage Promotion or other Busch Systems Products, please visit www.buschsystems.com. Have a success story about your recycling program?  Tell us about it!  Email nicoleb@buschsystems.com with your recycling achievements.