Barrie, ON, May 24, 2011 — At the Indiana Recycling Coalition’s (IRC) Annual Conference, which ran from May 10th – May 12th, Busch Systems International launched an initiative to jump-start composting efforts in the mid-west.

By handing out kitchen composting containers to attendees, Busch Systems is attempting to raise awareness of the need to include composting as a key element in any recycling program. Recycling Consultant Jarrod Cameron states, “Composting is the next logical step in our national recycling efforts. Reducing the impact on our landfills will only serve our efforts to preserve resources for this, and future generations”.

In order to promote further composting efforts, Busch Systems offers the option of a backyard composter as well as a vermi-composter. Vermi-composting involves using worms to convert your food scraps into “black gold” fertilizer.

States Cameron, “You can either pay to have your garbage hauled away or you can put it to use in your own back yard. By choosing composting, you are choosing the sensible option.”

Kitchen compost containers…. changing the way we think about waste and recycling.

An industry leader for over twenty five years, Busch Systems has expanded internationally, with a product portfolio detailing upward of two hundred products. Busch Systems develops more new moulded recycling, waste and compost containers than all other manufacturers combined.

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