What are Transportation Recycling & Waste Bins?

(Transfer Carts, Service Carts, Utility Carts)

The central purpose of Transportation Recycling & Waste Bins is to transfer refuse from the Centralized Stations to the Commercial Containers that host the refuse before being picked up from your local hauler.

Using a subway station as an example, if you’re working with high-capacity containers in a high-traffic area, you’ll want Transfer Carts that can handle that load. In this situation, you’ll usually want to choose a single-purpose container, which is measured in cubic feet or cubic yards — big containers; picture a laundry/towel cart at a hotel.

If your capacity and usage rates are much lower, your options begin to expand a little further. At this point, one can choose to use a multi-service cart with other janitorial whatchamacallits (mops, buckets, brooms, etc.) or the option of adding casters (wheels) to your Centralized Recycling & Waste Bins becomes an option as well.


Adding casters to your Centralized Stations not only gives your program unlimited flexibility, but at the same time, saves your program money as you do not need to purchase additional stations; a great concept, again only recommended in mid-to-low traffic and capacity areas.

Regardless of whether your centralized bins have wheels on them or you have individual transfer carts, the next stop on your refuse’s journey is to the Commercial Recycling & Waste Bins.

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