What are Program Divisions?

June 13, 2016

Program Divisions are used to split your Recycling & Waste program into as many groups as you need. Some may use this function to track different floors, buildings, or even whole cities separately. Just remember that smaller divisions are more flexible, but more work to maintain.

The Resource Center allows you to create multiple divisions within an organization. Modelling your program this way allows you to:

1. Drilldown on specific areas within your organization to individually improve those divisions

2. Create competition between divisions (i.e the Dorm Building #1 on campus vs. Dorm Building #2)

3. Segment out areas that heavily skew data (i.e Accounting department’s paper output)

4. Separate the collection of Recycling and Waste indoors vs. outdoors—if you choose.

5. Dedicate and invite a representative to manage each division, just remember more divisions = more work!