What are Deskside Recycling & Waste Bins?

(Personal Bins, Localized Containers)

As stated in the name, Deskside Bins are containers that are designated for personal use at someone’s deskside. Although deskside is the operative keyword, this also stands for under your desk or even on your desk if you want to show off your recycling acumen (not recommended).

The purpose of these containers is to increase participation rates and reduce deskside litter; sometimes implemented to curb that one person in the office running decomposition experiments and fruit fly competitions…barf.

While deskside litter smells and is unsightly to say the least, limited access to a recycling bin is the number one pain point when it comes to individual participation in recycling. Deskside Bins combat this problem by making recycling & waste collection as accessible to the individual as possible.

Taking this one step further, our crack R&D team at Busch Systems developed a container (The Hanging Waste Basket) that minimizes the size of the waste stream by clipping to the side of a large recycling stream, therefore promoting more recycling than waste. Little Bin, Big Win!

So, what happens when a Deskside Bin fills to the tippy-top? It’s transferred to a Centralized Recycling & Waste Station.

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