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As a leading supplier of waste & recycling containers, our primary business mission revolves around environmental responsibility, innovation, and empowering our customers to make informed choices. To further these goals, last year we started a journey to quantify and reduce the lifecycle eco-impact of our products. We are proud to have partnered with CarbonGraph to map out the carbon footprints of each and every one our products – from cradle to grave – and to provide that information upfront to our customers, as well as our Operations and R&D teams.

CarbonGraph’s LCA platform proved to be an indispensable tool throughout the early stages of our carbon footprinting journey. The platform assisted us with data management organization, streamlined calculations, and provided a user-friendly model to visualize our product lifecycles. CarbonGraph’s consulting team also worked closely with us to provide guidance and support, ensuring that the results we are now posting are an accurate representation of our entire supply chain.

As part of this collaboration, CarbonGraph conducted and published a full case study of our footprinting process.

The outcome of this year-long project so far has been enabling us to provide an overview of our LCA methodology for prospective buyers, and integrating carbon footprints into our product pages and data sheets. CarbonGraph’s collaboration with our Operations and R&D Teams also allowed us to evaluate the data we gathered through our footprint calculations, and identify opportunities for carbon footprint reduction. Specifically, we were able to quantify the benefit and carbon-reduction result of using post-consumer recycled plastic in our products. We were also able to see & quantify the benefit of sourcing our materials locally, including the carbon-reduction result of our ‘Made in North America’ initiative.

You can read the full case study of the process, challenges, outcomes, and conclusions on CarbonGraph’s website here: Leading the Way: Busch Systems’ Carbon Footprinting Journey – CarbonGraph

This commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation will not only allow us to optimize operations, but will also continue to empower our customers to make eco-conscious choices.

Be sure to follow along for more updates as we continue on our Carbon Footprinting Journey!