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If you’ve been in healthcare facility management for a while, then you know waste management on your grounds can be a difficult, yet rewarding, task. It’s something that requires daily attention to drive awareness and nudge habit on your staff & patients.

Standardize your program, add more recycling stations, reduce contamination—these are all the typical phrases you’ll hear in the recycling community about how to improve diversion rates and reduce costs at your resort. These are all successful practices; however, there’s many moving parts to each that makes tackling them successfully a little more difficult—but that’s why they brought you on board!

The team at Busch Systems has put together the following essential list of 11 best resources to help you learn how to run a spectacular recycling & waste management program for your healthcare facility. Even better, they’re all free! Okay, yes. Some may ask for you to share your email address to access some of them, but that’s a small price to pay for what you’ll get!

If you know of some more resources that’ll help your fellow healthcare facility managers, please comment below with your suggestions and we’ll add them to the list. And don’t forget to bookmark this page, so you can refer back to it when you’ve got some more time to brush up on your recycling & waste management skills for you healthcare facility.


  1. 5 Ways Hospitals can Launch Effective Recycling Programs for Single-use Products [Blog]
    ~7 min read.
    Single-use products are a great area to focus on in regards to waste management for a healthcare facility. By the nature of their work, it is no surprise that hospitals produce millions of tons of waste annually, much of which is single-use. This article by Green Biz provides 5 quick strategies for managing single-use waste and using it as an opportunity to giving your healthcare waste management program a significant boost.
  2. Waste Reduction & Recycling Tips for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities [Blog]
    ~7 min read.
    This one has aged a little bit, but just as the title states, Wastecare Corporation has provided us with a quick list of benefits and tips to starting a recycling program for your healthcare facility. They’ve also provided a couple of case studies outlining the savings realized at a couple of large hospitals throughout the U.S.
  3. Develop and/or enhance the facility’s recycling program [Workbook]
    ~45 min read.
    One of our favorites. This is a workbook of sorts generated by the American Hospital Association and the goal, as the title states, is to develop and/or enhance a comprehensive, fiscally sound recycling program that is incorporated into all departments, enhances regulatory compliance, reduces waste volumes and offsets emissions associated with solid waste disposal. Beautiful! Enjoy.
  4. Hospitals are Going Green to Reduce Waste [Blog]
    ~5 min read.
    Quick and dirty blog from a company called Roadrunner. This one gives some quick figures on the state of recycling in healthcare. If you’re just beginning your journey into building a solid recycling program at your healthcare facility, this is a nice place to start!
  5. Hospitals save millions with sustainability programs, cut back on waste [Article]
    ~10 min read.
    An excellent article from Healthcare Finance News. It’s always nice to see the financial community realizing the benefits of recycling–makes those conversations with the CFO much easier when you’re outlining your waste management budgets for the following year! A lot of great stuff in this article for beginners to experts.
  6. Recycling Single Use Devices in Canadian Hospitals – Grand River Hospital [Case Study]
    ~5 min read.
    This is a quick (really quick) case study highlighted by the Canadian Coalition for Green Healthcare that focuses on recycling single-use devices. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but it definitely should spark some ideas for your healthcare recycling program!
  7. GreenCare Community – How do we recycle in our health care facilities? [Case Study]
    ~6 min read.
    This is another quick case study from British Columbia GreenCare. This page provides some quick updates on how their program is doing throughout many of their healthcare facilities. It also provides numerous graphs outlining how their diversion rates have improved over the last five years on their journey towards their 2020 waste goals. Neat stuff!
  8. Healthcare Plastics Recycling: Making It Happen at Your Hospital [Guide]
    ~60 min read.
    This is an awesome resource for healthcare facility managers tasked with implementing a strong waste management program. As the authoring organization is called Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council, obviously this guide is focused on recycling…you guessed it…Tires! Alright seriously, plastics. As previously mentioned, single-use plastics are a major area for opportunity in healthcare recycling & waste management. This guide provides some simple, yet very useful tools for recycling large quantities of single-use plastic products.
  9. Are disposable hospital supplies trashing the environment? [Article]
    ~10 min read.
    This article authored by Wendy Glauser, Jeremy Petch & Sachin Pendharkar and hosted on Healthy Debate provides some interesting perspective for discussion regarding disposable waste at healthcare facilities. Sensing a theme?!
  10. Delaware Recycles – Commercial Recycling Toolkit Health Care [Toolkit]
    ~30 min read.
    This simple toolkit from Delaware Recycles is designed to help set up a new recycling program or help evaluate the current recycling program in health care settings such as doctors’ offices, laboratories, and the administrative wings of hospitals. It’s not the most complex toolkit, but again, it’s a great place to start.
  11. Waste not: Developing a hospital recycling program [Article]
    ~10 min read.
    This article by Bill Turpin, director of strategic business for WM Healthcare Solutions & Dr. Linda D. Lee, director of WM Healthcare Solutions outlines the simple necessary steps a healthcare facility can take to improving their recycling & waste collection program.


And there you have it! Plenty of resources to get your journey to sustainable healthcare waste management started. We’ll continue to update this page as we see more great information come down the pipe. And again, if you think we’ve missed some more resources, feel free to comment below.

Stay tuned!

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