Multi Recycler Series Bin Janitorial Recycling Improvement
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We know that developing a waste management program is never as simple as purchasing containers and hoping that the public knows how to use them. That’s why we’ve compiled the 6 best reads that will help you improve your client’s janitorial recycling and waste management program!

Standardize your program, add more recycling stations, reduce contamination—these are all the typical phrases you’ll hear in the recycling community about how to improve diversion rates and reduce costs at any facility. Although these practices are tried and true, there are many moving parts to each that makes tackling them successfully a little more difficult—but that’s where you come in!

The team at Busch Systems has put together the following essential list of 6 best resources to help you learn how to run a spectacular recycling & waste management program. Even better, they’re all free!

If you know of some more resources that can help us further educate, please comment below with your suggestions and we’ll add them to the list. And don’t forget to bookmark this page, so you can refer back to it when you’ve got some more time to brush up on your recycling & waste management skills.

  1. Handling Recycling and Waste is Hurting Janitors [Article]
    ~5 min read.Before suggesting changes to your client’s recycling and waste program, it is important to have them consider some of the ways in which your changes could benefit all janitorial staff at the facility. This article points out some of the functional issues with many basic containers that have been creating physical challenges for janitorial and maintenance staff. Understanding these issues could help shape your search for the right container in your client’s facility!
  2. Janitorial Services and Waste Reduction Strategies [Webpage]
    ~15 min read.This janitorial company has shared their strategies for waste reduction as well as the benefits of eco-conscious custodial services. They have broken down some successful methods that any janitorial company could implement within their client’s facility to help them reduce waste and improve sustainability efforts.
  3. Waste Audit User’s Manual [Guide]
    ~120 min read.Although this resource is older than some of the waste audit guides out there, it still holds relevance and provides an extensively detailed guide to waste auditing. This guide breaks down every aspect of a waste audit to give you a clear understanding of the best ways to conduct an audit and read results for your client’s facility. It even provides suggestions for waste reduction planning to help improve results.
  4. The Eight Ways to Reduce Waste [Blog]
    ~15 min read.This blog is extremely helpful in understanding strategies for reducing waste in all types of facilities. It starts with an overview of establishing a waste reduction plan and breaks it down into 8 simple ways to help you produce the perfect waste reduction plan for a facility.
  5. Waste Audit Templates [Free PDF Checklists]
    ~60 min read.This website has posted access to free pdf downloads for a waste audit checklist as well as a full template to help you conduct your audits. If your client has asked you to perform waste audits, or if you are looking for ways to improve their waste reduction, check out their sample checklists and download the free versions to use for yourself! If you already have a template, this could also be a good resource to spark some ideas on how to expand on your current waste auditing.
  6. Custodians recognized for Stewardship of Creation [Article]~10 min read.
    A school board in Ontario has created an award that recognizes custodians for their creativity and passion for the environment. The first recipient of the award pioneered and monitored a new recycling program at the school himself. He also set up a waste auditing program, helping his school apply for their EcoSchool certification. This article is a great example of what janitorial staff have to offer as environmental innovators and might be a great resource for you to reference as you bring fourth your own ideas to help improve your client’s waste and recycling program.

And there you have it! Plenty of resources to get your journey to sustainable waste management started. We’ll continue to update this page as we see more great information come down the pipe. And again, if you think we’ve missed some more resources, feel free to comment below.

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