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Stadium/Convention Recycling & Waste Bins

Stadiums are a great source for recyclables! With all the soda cans/bottles that are consumed within the facility there is no doubt the opportunity for a successful recycling program. Choosing the correct recycling containers for your needs is going to be a major component contributing to the longevity of your program. Be sure to choose containers that are durable, functional and the appropriate capacity for the job at hand. Rotationally molded products are built to last! They will not rust or dent and will be able to handle the day to day abuse that your visitors will hand out. Be sure your containers are appropriately labelled. Many of our recycle bins will allow you to choose the shape and color of your openings – and we will also stamp the opening with your choice of label. Take the guess work out of recycling and aim for a clean sort!

Most Popular Stadium/Convention Recycling & Waste Bins

boka_mainMore Info

Boka Series

aristata_mainMore Info

Aristata Series

indoor-outdoor-sort_mainMore Info

Indoor/Outdoor Sort

uptown_mainMore Info

Uptown Series

4wheelcart_mainMore Info

4 Wheel Secure Cart

aristata_mainMore Info

Aristata Series

barrel-topper_mainMore Info

Barrel Topper

better-than-stone_mainMore Info

Better Than Stone

bigbin45_mainMore Info

Big Bin 45

boka_mainMore Info

Boka Series

coffee-cup_mainMore Info

Coffee Cup Collector

concourse_mainMore Info

Concourse Recycling Container

diversity_mainMore Info

Diversity Series

duett_mainMore Info

Duett Series

indoor-outdoor-sort_mainMore Info

Indoor/Outdoor Sort

multi-purpose-cart_mainMore Info

Multi Purpose Carts

nex-gen-carts_mainMore Info

Next-Gen Carts

recycling-waste-baskets_mainMore Info

Recycling & Waste Baskets

recycling-waste-carts_mainMore Info

Recycling & Waste Carts

SENTRY_mainMore Info


smart-sort_mainMore Info

Smart Sort Series

super-sorter-3in1_mainMore Info

Super Sorter Series

TRC_mainMore Info

TRC Series

uptown_mainMore Info

Uptown Series

waste-watcher_mainMore Info

Waste Watcher Series

wwxl_mainMore Info

Waste Watcher XL Series

wave_mainMore Info

Wave Series