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School/Campus Recycling & Waste Bins

Recycling & waste containers should be readily available to students throughout their campus. From entrance ways to dorm rooms, cafeterias and more. Many Colleges & Universities are now taking advantage of our option to customize by transforming their recycling and waste bins into custom containers with school colors and logos. What better way to make your campus recycling program and school pride shine on its way to zero waste!

Most Popular School/Campus Recycling & Waste Bins

waste-watcher_mainMore Info

Waste Watcher Series

aristata_mainMore Info

Aristata Series

recycling-waste-baskets_mainMore Info

Recycling & Waste Baskets

uptown_mainMore Info

Uptown Series

aristata_mainMore Info

Aristata Series

barrel-topper_mainMore Info

Barrel Topper

better-than-stone_mainMore Info

Better Than Stone

bigbin45_mainMore Info

Big Bin 45

billi-box_mainMore Info

Billi Box Series

boka_mainMore Info

Boka Series

cell-drop-container_mainMore Info

Cell Drop Container

cell-phone-recycler_mainMore Info

Cell Phone Recycler

coffee-cup_mainMore Info

Coffee Cup Collector

concourse_mainMore Info

Concourse Recycling Container

curbside_main-2More Info

Curbside Series

bc1001-deskside_mainMore Info

Deskside Recycling Bin

diversity_mainMore Info

Diversity Series

duett_mainMore Info

Duett Series

duraflex_mainMore Info

Duraflex Secure

bc1500-hangingwaste_main-2More Info

Hanging Waste Basket

indoor-outdoor-sort_mainMore Info

Indoor/Outdoor Sort

kitchen-composter_mainMore Info

Kitchen Composters

multi-recycler_mainMore Info

Multi Recycler

pdc_mainMore Info

Personal Document Container

recycling-waste-baskets_mainMore Info

Recycling & Waste Baskets

recycling-waste-carts_mainMore Info

Recycling & Waste Carts

SENTRY_mainMore Info


shredinator_mainMore Info

Shredinator Series

smart-sort_mainMore Info

Smart Sort Series

Soil Saver Main NewMore Info

Soil Saver

super-sorter-3in1_mainMore Info

Super Sorter Series

TRC_mainMore Info

TRC Series

upright_mainMore Info

Upright Series

uptown_mainMore Info

Uptown Series

waste-watcher_mainMore Info

Waste Watcher Series

wwxl_mainMore Info

Waste Watcher XL Series

wave_mainMore Info

Wave Series