Protecting yourself and your business from identity theft is something of great importance all year round. However, during tax season, we tend to have more confidential documents exposed than at any other time of the year. While this could pose a potential security issue for an individual or company, it doesn’t have to.

Implementing a “shred everything” policy is a fantastic idea for any company, office, school or residence. Ensuring that sensitive documents are securely destroyed helps reduce the threat of identity theft.

Equally important, by shredding all documents, you help reduce your liability.

Rather than put yourself, your clients or the members of your organization at risk, you can help provide a secure environment where paper is shredded and risk is minimized. A final benefit of shredding everything ensures all paper is recycled.

Shredding is also a great way to be green!

When choosing to shred documents at your location, one key aspect to consider is the issue of paper collection. If you implement a shred policy, collecting paper in an un-secure manner defeats the purpose of having the policy in place to begin with.

For example, if your office collects paper in open, desk side recycling bins, the paper is not secure. While the documents sit in the recycle bin awaiting their turn at the shredder, any sensitive documents in the bin are accessible to anyone. This is where shred bins are an important addition to your office.

WW_hospital_22Utilizing a desk side shred container with a lockable lid can help ensure your paper is collected and stored in a secure manner until your designated shred day arrives.  These convenient bins come in various sizes and can be placed strategically around any building in an effort to maximize collection efficiencies. After all, the more paper which is collected leads to a greater amount of paper which is shredded.

Using shred bins with signage can help you communicate your shredding policy to all members of your location.

pdc_full-3There are also convenient under-the-desk paper collection bins available which make secure document collection and storage accessible for everyone.

These secure paper collecting bins are especially useful during tax season as their smaller capacity lends itself to individual paper collection during peak times.


For centralized collection, shredding consoles are a great solution. These melamine cabinets are larger and can collect up to 80 pounds of paper, making them a perfect choice for high traffic areas and offices in need of larger collection options.These consoles blend into any decor and are designed to save space by placing a printer or other items on top of the cabinet for added functionality.

If sensitive documents are more prominent in your location during tax season, there are several options available for collecting documents in a secure, convenient method. Choosing to secure these documents until they hits the shredder, you will reduce your liability and protect your business from identity theft.