Black Compost Collection BinI had an inquiry as to whether our “Hanging Waste Basket” could be used for organic collection. They already had our “Deskside Recycling Bin” but wanted to offer an easy way for their employees to compost without necessarily having to leave their workstations multiple times a day. The “Hanging Waste Basket” offers a .75 gallon capacity and is perfect for individual use. Big is not always better when it comes to collecting organics. There are many waste, recycling, and organic collection containers that can be used for multiple purposes; you just need to find one that best fits the application and collection program you are trying to offer.  I also suggested that they offer a centralized compost bin for employees to empty their compost items at the end of each day. I recommended a few different options.

“From the Recycling Experts”

by Donna Hovey