recycling garden bridge with waterfall

Turns out the people of Busch Systems have quite the green thumb! We may be known for our recycling bins, but we should make it known that we have some talented gardeners in our midst that are pumped take part in an organic, community built garden. The Busch Community Garden had a bit of a late start due to Mother Nature’s decision to extend winter and deciding that spring motto for this year is “May showers bring June flowers” – our teams didn’t get a chance to plant their seeds until the beginning of June!

Once the weather finally co-operated our gardening gurus got into teams and started getting their hands dirty. Each gardening team has been diligent in taking care of their crops. Two plots have also been set aside to grow produce that Busch Systems will donate to local charities.  All of their diligent work is starting to pay off!

So what’s growing in our garden? Here’s a sneak peek.

Tomatoes community garden
 community garden  Busch Systems Community Garden
 Busch Systems Community Garden  Busch Systems Community Garden
 Busch Systems Community Garden  Busch Systems Community Garden


The plants have taken over!

Look at the fruits of their labor (gardening pun!). Busch’s community garden has been a great addition to our company. It gives our employees a chance to get outside, get some vitamin D, get a little light exercise, and grow their own organic produce to take home as well as give to local charities. Busch will definitely be doing a community garden again next year!

Since having a wonderful garden in our backyard–paired with the characters we have working here at Busch Systems–we’ve also stumbled across a few laughs at the expense of some very cheesy gardening puns. Here’s our favorites so far:

  • I’ve always been afraid of gardening…then I decided to grow a Pear
  • I feel good from my head to ma toes
  • For peas sake! Do you carrot all??
  • I can’t find my rutabaga. I hope it will turnip.
  • The root of your problem stems from being so con-seeded
  • Lettuce turnip the beet
  • Mr. Mushroom could never understand why he wasn’t looked on as a real fun guy
  • Gardening is not for pansies
  • Organic farmers till it like it is

Happy Gardening Everyone!