Finding cost effective solutions for recycling programs can be a challenge. Nobody wants to sacrifice quality, and yet many simply don’t have the budget to equip themselves with the top of the line recycling bins. Here at Busch Systems we have worked hard to find solutions to this problem.

2 Stream Recycling BinJust this week I was talking to a University who wanted to obtain good quality, aesthetically pleasing collection bins that would be cost effective for their school. They were hoping to take our estimate and use it to apply for a government grant to aid their recycling program. Right away the Dual Sorts came to mind; they look great, are highly durable and are available for a reasonable price. The client was delighted and was able to not only gain some great recycling containers, but they were also able to get the government grant for their recycling program. It’s great to see Governments and Universities working together to improve recycling initiatives, and I’m glad we could help!

“From the Recycling Experts”

by Cassidy Lemoine