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Busch Systems® Introduces New Containers Made From 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Content

Date: November 01, 2022

Description: Busch Systems introduces new, patent-pending single stream waste and recycling containers made with 100% post-consumer recycled content. The Renegade™ Series is on the leading edge of circular-economy and sustainability. This large capacity container, made from 100% post-consumer recycled content is also fully recyclable at the end of its life.


Busch Systems Introduces Products with 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Content

Date: May 09, 2019

Description: Select products are now made with 100% post-consumer content. The 100% post-consumer resin is made from residential curbside collection within North America and put through a proprietary process. Busch Systems has worked very closely with their vendor to ensure the material is clean and that there would be a steady supply of material. They have also made sure that the color is consistent and the product is durable.

Busch Systems Expands Environmental Charitable Initiative For 2019

Date: March 29, 2019

Description: Busch Systems launches the second year of their environmental charitable initiative, Project RISE. With every order customers are given the opportunity to have Busch Systems donate on their behalf to one of five non-profit organizations in the areas of forestry, climate, wildlife protection, water conservation, and added this year, environmental education.

Busch Systems Partners with Celebrated Recycling Entrepreneur Ryan Hickman as Junior Ambassador

Date: January 31, 2019

Description: National Recycling and Waste Container brand Busch Systems partners with nine-year-old California raised recycling entrepreneur Ryan Hickman as Junior Ambassador to encourage more youth to recycle.

Busch Systems Introduces New Indoor Versatile Metal Recycling & Waste Container, the Summit Series

Date: November 01, 2018

Description: National Recycling and Waste Container brand Busch Systems has recently launched a new indoor metal container that addresses all servicing needs.

Busch Systems Selected for 2018 Private Business Growth Award

Date: October 30, 2018

Description: Busch Systems has been selected as one of the Top 10 Finalists for the 2018 Private Business Growth Award.

Seeking Colleges and Universities for Research Project

Date: October 01, 2018

Description: Busch Systems is seeking colleges and universities in the US or Canada interested in piloting and documenting the impact of new collection systems to improve recycling and organics recovery. Interested schools will complete a questionnaire for one of five collection systems they are willing to implement on a pilot or broader basis.

Busch Systems Announces Appointment of Alec Cooley To Senior Advisor

Date: August 13, 2018

Description: Recycling and Waste Container brand Busch Systems has recently appointed Alec Cooley to the consulting role of Senior Advisor. Alec officially joined the Busch Systems family this month. He will be co-presenting with Syvannah Vine (Diversion Management Specialist) on the August 29th Webinar and will be making a debut appearance at the 2018 AASHE Conference in Pittsburgh, PA October 2nd-5th.

Busch Systems Launches Project RISE Environmental Charitable Initiative

Date: March 13, 2018

Description: Recycling and Waste Container brand Busch Systems has recently launched Project R.I.S.E (Responsible Initiatives Supporting The Environment). The program will benefit five non-profit organizations working towards environmental solutions in the areas of: forestry, climate, wildlife protection, water conservation and green technology.

Busch Systems Launches Free Recycling & Waste Collection Analytics Software Application

Date: April 19, 2017

Description: After two years in production, Busch Systems launches the Resource Center, an innovative collection analytics software program designed to track recycling and waste management efforts at the station level.




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