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Start an Exciting New Career at Busch Systems

We strive to be the best destination for the industry’s top talent, creating an inspired, collaborative workplace that celebrates innovation and change.


Start an Exciting New Career at Busch Systems


Leaders in the Recycling Industry

Life at Busch Systems.

It’s pretty awful to work here. Awesome people, beautiful office space and having our head office in Barrie, Ontario only 10 minutes from Kempenfelt Bay is pretty tough. Along with the fact we make amazing recycling bins that help organizations all over the world be sustainable…yup…pretty awful.


Of course it’s not awful! Working at Busch Systems is pretty GREAT and we have the team to prove it! Thirty years of employee satisfaction and engagement are testament to our company culture and we’re just getting better.

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Busch Systems Employees

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“Like most companies, we often have visitors to our head office: clients, suppliers or maintenance personnel. Granted, we have a unique office environment and it often takes people by surprise when they find out what we do here! But what always amazes me the most is that after they’ve spent some time with us, it’s not our building that impresses…it’s our PEOPLE. Friendly. Engaging. Considerate. Loyal. Our people make our products, but our real product that I’m most proud of has become the remarkable individual who is a Busch Systems employee.”



We’re bringing meaningful change to our clients’ organizations by enabling our people to create tools and processes that respond to the rapid evolution of the market. We are a culture that celebrates autonomy, and inspires leadership at every level of our organization.

Hands Up


Full Benefits

We have a full coverage benefits package available to all employees, including health and dental as well as a couple of other unique perks!


Casual Dress

Casual Dress

We spend less time worrying about what we’re wearing and more time thinking about what we’re doing.


State of the Art HQ

State-Of-The-Art Headquarters

Complete with two green living walls, our beautiful, open concept building is an amazing place to call home Monday to Friday.



Yoga Classes

We help bring a sense of namaste to the office by offering yoga classes to our team. Start your morning off right in chaturanga or prayer pose!


Social Events

Tons Of Social Events

Whether it’s cake day, a fundraiser or a company-wide team building exercise, there’s almost always an event either going on or in the works!


Competitive Wages

Competitive Wages

It’s very important for us to ensure our employees get the wages they deserve. Happy employees, happy customers!


Opinions Wanted

Opinions Wanted

If something just doesn’t seem to fit—a project, a product feature, anything — we thrive on our employees speaking up.




We bike, paddle, run, walk, garden, bake, swim and more to help fund raise for deserving causes. Giving back is part of our workday, every day!


“You always feel like a part of the team at Busch Systems. Management is extremely compassionate and accommodating to work-related and personal situations, which is a welcome change in an office environment. You’re genuinely cared for here at Busch and it brings an infectious energy to the building that makes coming to work everyday a blast. And although we work hard, we play hard too with a number of fun events throughout the year.”



Meet The Team

Experts say that healthy relationships at work are key to job satisfaction and the smooth operation of an office and we agree! We believe we’ve got the greatest group of kooky characters on the planet and when you step into our beautiful office, you’ll know exactly what we mean! Click the button below to get a little inside look at your future coworkers.


Future Positions

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BINS 4 Shredding - Modifications Associate

Click here for more information about the available BINS 4 Shredding – Modifications Associate position.

Print Operator

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Sales Support Specialist

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Modifications Associate

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Pick/Pack Associate

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