Busch Systems Kovah Series

At Busch Systems we’ve always evolved our product line to help meet the needs of our customers and the ever-changing demands of the recycling and waste industry.

We’ve dabbled in metal recycling and waste containers before and our latest line of metal receptacles melds the sleek look of stainless steel with the customization options you’ve come to expect from Busch Systems.

Ladies and Gentlemen we are proud to give you the Kovah!

The Kovah fits seamlessly into any lobby, retail outlet, boardroom or executive office while at the same time making a bold statement about your recycling and waste program.

Features of the Kovah include sharp looking 20-gauge stainless steel, a 30 gallon capacity with rigid recycled plastic liners and a scratch resistant composite lid with custom labels ensuring waste and recycling is properly sorted.

The Kovah comes with the same functionality, customization and practicality expected from Busch Systems housed in an incredibly sleek looking, minimalist and beautifully designed recycling and waste container.

As our line of designer bins continues to grow, we’re filling the void in the market for architecturally strong containers that *compliment* the look of contemporary, *modern* and elegant spaces. Style no longer needs to be sacrificed in the name of sustainability and the Kovah continues our goal to close the gap between impeccable design and environmental responsibility.

If you’ve got a keen eye for space and sustainability, the Kovah is the perfect bin for your program.

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