Barrie, Ontario, April 11, 2011Paper coffee cups are a huge part of our waste stream.  In fact, billions of coffee cups make their way into landfills annually. It is clear that if a solution isn’t found to divert coffee cup waste, the negative impact on the environment will be substantial.

A recent announcement has stirred excitement in the recycling industry as Busch Systems; a leading North American manufacturer of waste receptacles, recycling containers and composting bins has stepped forward to combat the issue of coffee cup waste.  Launching at the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Exposition:  23rd Annual Specialty Coffee Event of the Year, from April 28, 2011-May 1, 2011, the new ‘Coffee Cup Recycler’ provides a solution for green-minded coffee drinkers.

Paper coffee cups have replaced most Styrofoam products in the restaurant, cafeteria and coffee shop industry.  However, the linings which allows paper coffee cups to hold hot liquids are commonly made from polyethylene which is not recyclable and this has stirred a worldwide controversy for city councils; to recycle or not recycle.

Until now, one of the only ways to have an environmentally friendly impact as a coffee drinker was to bring your own thermos or washable cup with you.  With the premiere of the ‘Coffee Cup Recycler’, the idea of establishing a coffee cup recycling program in your restaurant, coffee shop, office tower, college or university facility or cafeteria is now obtainable.

The container is made from 100% recyclable plastic.  It has three divisions; one for the liquid waste, one for coffee cups and one for plastic lids and stir sticks.  The problem of mixed recycling (paper coffee cups and plastic lids together) was a key reason why community councils were having a hard time declaring coffee cups as an acceptable recyclableMixed recyclables would be a huge inconvenience as they would need to be sorted before recycling.  The ‘Coffee Cup Recycler’ addresses and resolves this issue by dividing the coffee cup components appropriately.  The ‘Coffee Cup Recycler’ also allows for signage promotion through its custom vinyl wrap options.

Corporate and National Account Manager  Brandon Rutledge, will be attending the SCAA`s Exposition and heading the launch of the ‘Coffee Cup Recycler’, “Being able to launch this “Game Changer” of a product at one of the premiere coffee industry events is tremendously exciting. All of us here at Busch Systems believe the ‘Coffee Cup Recycler’ is a giant step forward in the diversion of troublesome coffee cups from the waste stream.

In the matter of liquid waste management, the ‘Coffee Cup Recycler’ will open new possibilities by allowing for safe liquid waste removal, while promoting the recycling of coffee cups and providing a solution to the coffee cup waste problem.

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‘Coffee Cup Recycler’, changing the way we recycle.

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