Barrie, Ontario, June 5, 2013 — Busch Systems has announced their latest resource for those in need of recycling bins and recycling stations. The new Build-A-Bin program allows online users to customize their very own recycling bin based on color, openings and custom stamping. The company is running a promotion in conjunction with the launch which will see one winner receive a $500 credit toward their purchase.

Known for their innovative approach in the industry, Busch Systems has been a world leader in the design and manufacturing of recycling, compost and waste containers since the company’s inception in 1985. Busch Systems designs more new molded recycling and waste containers than all other manufacturers combined.

“We’re more than just a recycling bin manufacturer”, states Chris McBrien, Marketing Manager for Busch Systems. “We have always strived to provide value through additional resources. The Build-A-Bin program continues this effort.”

The program allows users to literally build their own recycling bin based on choices such as bin color, shape of openings and configuration of openings. Busch Systems has always allowed users to customize bins to their needs. This program makes it easy for users to do so.

“Every recycling program has unique needs and this applies to the bins themselves”, states McBrien. “By allowing people to customize the bins to their requirements, it allows them a greater chance to see success in their recycling collection. When it comes to sustainability, custom recycling bins can help make the difference. As an added bonus, all of the bins in the Build-A-Bin program are made with 65% – 99% recycled content”.

By allowing the user to select every aspect of the recycling bins, this will help streamline the ordering process as well. With several features and selections at hand, providing a visual representation of the bins will help users to simplify the ordering process for recycling bins, further adding value to the program.

The promotion runs for the duration of the month of June 2013 and will award $500 toward the purchase of recycling bins to one randomly selected winner. Anyone who uses the Build-A-Bin program to customize a bin and subsequently submits a request for quotation using a special promo code will be eligible to win.

For more information on the Build-A-Bin program, please see:

Busch Systems International, Recycling Made Simple.

An industry leader for over twenty five years, Busch Systems has expanded internationally, with a product portfolio detailing upward of two hundred products. Busch Systems develops more new moulded recycling, waste and compost containers than all other manufacturers combined.

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