Inddor Recycling Station

The “In-Door Sort” Indoor Recycling Station.

Recycling programs are being implemented in offices and schools at an incredible rate due to increased resources available for both pick-up and processing.  Awareness of potential cost benefits and positive environmental impact are being realized; therefore the initial program start-up costs are no longer frightening away the ‘green’ in people.  Indoor recycling container options are plentiful in the eco-friendly marketplace so choosing the best recycle bin to suit your needs requires proper research and education.


Indoor Recycle Bin Openings

Interchangeable Openings Keep Your Recycling Program Fresh!

A great starting point is giving preference to recycling bins that are made with recycled content, starting your green initiative off right! There are some other important things to consider when purchasing new indoor recycling & waste bins.  Providing an entire recycling & waste station to your participants is imperative.  Should you choose to only have a recycling container available, you are more apt to find trash within – thus contaminating your recyclables.  If you are starting a new program you may want to purchase an indoor sorting station that has interchangeable openings.  Purchasing an indoor recycling container with interchangeable openings gives your program the flexibility to evolve without encountering high recycling container replacement costs.  Openings that are color-coded and appropriately shaped will help guide the user into placing their items in the correct streams.


Recycle Bin Signs

Great Signage Makes All the Difference in the World!

Another important feature of an effective recycling bin is proper signage.  Participants may require additional information as to which items are accepted within each opening.  Providing this education will not only increase your overall participation rates but also help to reduce contamination, thereby maintaining the value of your recyclables.  Some recycling containers will give you the flexibility to change out your custom signage to keep your message fresh or keep up with any changes to your stream collection.


Durability is another feature not to be overlooked.  While recycle containers will not last forever, there are certainly ones that will last longer than others.  Rotationally molded units will not rust or dent.  Many rotationally molded products are available in stone finishes which are not only aesthetically pleasing but will also hide any dirt or scratches caused by general wear and tear, therefore keeping up the overall pleasant appearance of your recycling program.


Lockable Recycling Station

Lockable Recycling Stations Keep Your Recyclables Safe!

The other side of the process to consider is the emptying of the units.  Using lockable recycling & waste containers that are keyed alike will save time while keeping your valuable recyclables safe!  No longer will your custodial staff fumble with multiple keys to find that lucky one.  Front door access allows for a quick emptying process while avoiding unnecessary back strain caused by heavy lifting.  In addition to avoiding awkward and potentially harmful container emptying, units should include liners with an easy handling capacity.


So before rushing out to purchase your recycling containers please take all of these pointers into consideration to increase your chances of having an effective and overall successful recycling program. It really is easy being green!