One of the biggest impediments to a successful recycling collection program in public areas is the overall look of the recycling program itself. If the recycling program gives the impression of being cluttered, messy or dirty, then the collection, sorting and diversion rates decrease. In other words, if your recycling collection program gives the impression of cleanliness and order, more people are likely to take it seriously and use it effectively.

Municipal Garbage Bins

The “Classic” Collection Bin from Busch Systems

It certainly sounds easy enough but what is the key element to help ensure a neat and tidy recycling collection program? The answer lies in your recycling bins. You will want to consider using recycling bins which are aesthetically pleasing and help ensure a clean sort. Recycling containers which are both decorative, pleasing and complement their surroundings can help set the tone for your recycling program. Luckily, as recycling programs are implemented in more and more municipalities and with recycling becoming a part of our everyday lives, there are now more choices in regard to recycling bins which complement any urban setting. Choosing recycle bins which look great in a park or public place can really enhance the appeal of your collection program.

The Urbin waste collection bench

The “Urbin2”

There are now recycling containers available which can connect to compatible city benches as well as being able to connect together to form ‘recycling stations’. These recycling bins are made from high density plastic but look like concrete. They are durable, won’t dent, corrode or scuff and blend in nicely with city amenities. What a concept!

Trash Can Recycling Lids

The New “Barrel Toppers” from Busch Systems

In regard to waste collection, you don’t have to be limited to old metal drums anymore. Those unsightly cans which are found in most urban spaces can now be converted into aesthetically-pleasing, multi-purpose collection bins with barrel toppers now on the market. By simply adding a barrel topper with the opening of your choice (recycling circle, waste square, paper slot to name a few), you can convert your existing metal drums into functional sorting bins for waste and recycling collection.

The world of recycling bins has certainly come a long way. By implementing some of the new recycling containers available, you can complement any surrounding and give your collection program a clean and organized look. It will go a long way to improving your sorting and collection rates, keeping you both clean and green.

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by Chris McBrien</em