Pile of old tires for recycling

In an effort to promote markets for recycled content products derived from old, discarded tires. The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery has set up the Tire Derived Product (TDP) Grant Program in help lowering the environmental impacts that stems from the disposal and storing of used tires.

Eligible parties include:

  • Counties
  • Cities
  • Public school districts
  • Public colleges and universities
  • Special districts
  • Park or recreational districts
  • Qualifying Indian Tribes
  • state agencies (offices, departments, bureaus, and boards)

CalRecycle has over $800,000 in funding to give out (up to a max of $150,000 per award), and applications are due by December 4 2014. In order to qualify, applicants need to use a minimum of 2500 California generated tires.

Applicants can also combine two or more projects together in order to make the minimum.

Some of the products that these old tires can be made into include rubber drain systems, interlocking tiles, playground equipment, and sports mats to name a few.

These are all much better alternative than having old tires sitting around, running the risk of becoming environmentally devastating tire fire.

More information on the Tire Derived Product (TDP) Grant Program can be found here.

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