Green Field

Did you know that the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) offer a bevy of funding to both private and public entities? These government authorized grant, payment and loan systems encourage sustainable practices throughout the state of California, making it the state to follow for current recycling and composting tends.

Below are some of these programs offered by CalRecycle, follow the links for more information on eligibility, deadlines and the amount of funding available per program. If you’ve missed a deadline don’t worry! You’ll have an opportunity to apply again next year.

Local Conservation Corps Grant Program – Available to county designated Local Conservation Corps which have spent two years (minimum) involved with cleaning up litter, recycling and other sustainable practices. This grant assists in expanding recycling services and litter abatement projects.

Organics Grant Program The purpose of this grant is to lower greenhouse gas emissions by expanding or establishing new facilities in California that reduce the amount of organic and food scrapes being sent to landfills.

Recycled Fiber, Plastic, and Glass Grant ProgramThe goal of this grant is to lower overall greenhouse gas emissions by expanding and/or creating new facilities that use post-consumer recycled fiber, plastics or glass to manufacture new products.

Beverage Container Recycling Grants With the funding from this grant, organizations can create projects that provide convenient beverage container collection and lowering the amount of litter going to landfills. The grant also encourages market growth for activates involving beverage container materials.

Beverage Container City/County Payment ProgramThe goal of this program is to help cities and counties create projects to help reach and maintain an 80% rate of recycling on all CRV (California Refund Value) beverage containers – glass, plastic aluminum and bi-metal.

Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) LoansThis loan allows for recycling businesses operating in California (that produce recycled-content materials and products) to expand their existing operations and give them the opportunity to manufacture new recycling facilities as well.

With the assistance of CalRecycle you can help make the state of California and the world a much greener place!