Tennessee Recycling Grants Greenery Sustainability Eco-Friendly

The state of Tennessee is beautiful and needs to be kept that way. Luckily for the people of “the volunteer state”, numerous grants are available to those individuals and organizations that are environmentally conscious and are dedicated to keeping their communities, state, and country beautiful. You might not be aware of some of these grants and that’s why Busch Systems is more than happy to oblige, because when it comes to recycling and preserving the environment there’s nothing wrong with a little financial assistance!

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) Grants

TDEC offers several grants to government agencies (state, local), not-for-profits, counties, cities and individuals with a “do-it-yourself” attitude. The grants are awarded to any entities that want to lower emissions through energy projects, governments who want to purchase land for parks and public spaces, trail maintenance and restoration, the expansion/ upgrading of collection systems, used oil collection, and encourage individuals and organizations to undertake low-impact developmental projects.

Clayton Foundation

Made of two philanthropic organizations, the Clayton Foundation offers grants to non-profit organizations that are committed to improving communities around the Knoxville area by enhancing the quality of life for current and future generations.

Keep TN Beautiful

Offers grants in several different categories including public education, participation, leadership, and contribution to the beautification of communities, both small and large in the state of Tennessee.

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Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC)

The Appalachian Regional Commission gives funds to create opportunities for communities to create self-sustaining economic development and improving the quality of life for all 13 Appalachian states including Tennessee.

Environmental Education in Tennessee

Offering many different grants for those who provide environmental education in the State of Tennessee, some are one-time or time sensitive grants but many are ongoing. Check them all out and see if you’re eligible!

Individuals and organizations who are dedicated to the improvement of the environment don’t have to go it alone, there’s more than enough financial assistance out there to help keep Tennessee and America beautiful!