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New York City Mandates New Business Recycling Rules

Matt Bradbury | October 3rd, 2016

New commercial recycling rules came into effect on July 19th that require all businesses in the Big Apple to separate their material. Previously, recycling rules differed based on business type, but the new mandate ensures ALL business are separating paper, glass, metal and plastic containers from their refuse.

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Any business where textiles or yard and plant waste is more than 10% of total waste are required by law to separate and recycle these items also.

Large food generators are also obliged to compost their food scraps, and commercial sanitation companies are no longer allowed to commingle separated recyclable materials in the same garbage truck as waste.

The mandate is also hoping to bring more control to the “wild west” of the hundreds of private haulers that NYC businesses rely on by ensuring recyclable materials are handled properly by private waste haulers.

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New York City businesses have until August 1st, 2017 to comply with the rules before fines are handed out.

How to ensure you comply can be found here.

These new recycling rules are an enormous step towards New York City’s goal of Zero Waste by 2030.

To make compliance with the new recycling rules a little bit easier, Busch Systems has created stations that are compliant for both Source Separated Recycling and Single Stream Recycling. Available in either plastic or steel, these recycling and waste stations will make separating recyclable materials from your business’ refuse easy and headache free.

There are more changes to come for New York City when it comes to waste management. The mayor’s administration is currently looking at a Commercial Waste Zone policy which will mirror “model cities” around the US including San Francisco, Seattle, and Oakland, which have already enacted commercial waste zones to help curb the cost associated with more recycling.

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The new policy will divide NYC into different zones where private waste haulers will have to bid for the exclusive right to serve a zone.

Commercial waste zones have helped to make recycling and composting much more cost effective for small businesses in cities that have already enacted this policy.

If you’re still feeling lost on the new changes, the NYC Department of Sanitation website has tons of information to get you pointed in the right direction.

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