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ClImate Solutions: project rise Charity Update

Busch Systems | June 25th, 2019

“For over twenty years, Climate Solutions has accelerated solutions to the climate crisis, starting with the premise of scaling up our success here in the region for greater global impact. We have established a long history of developing powerful partnerships and bridging divides with a diverse set of impacted and powerful constituencies. We work beyond the base, towards the broader power and alignment needed to pass groundbreaking policies and to shift the conversation to opportunities for large scale solutions to the climate crisis.” -Climate Solutions


Climate change is a significant environmental issue of our time – and one that requires immediate action. Charitable organization Climate Solutions is helping to lead an important mission, implementing clean energy solutions to combat the ongoing climate crisis. Based out of the Northwest United States, they strive to transform their region to 100% clean and sustainable energy; with a wider global vision of creating lasting environmental and social change.

Right in the midst of significant climate concerns, Climate Solutions has been hard at work! Through our #ProjectRISE give-back initiative, our customers have been supporting the efforts of Climate Solutions. Here are some major milestones Climate Solutions has been a part of throughout their 2019 journey so far!

Passing a bill in Washington to transition to 100% clean electricity

  • Jay Inslee, Washington Governor, signed a historic measure stating that by 2045, Washington will have transitioned to carbon-free electricity. The passing of this bill makes Washington one of five existing states who have made the same commitment. This bill also creates conservation standards for:
    • Energy-usage in new, large buildings
    • New efficiency standards for appliances
    • Phasing out hydrofluorocarbons; a super pollutant used in air conditioners, refrigerators and other appliances.
  • Washington also pulled their support for two fracked gas projects due to their concern for the climate crisis.

Advanced the Clean Energy Jobs Bill (HB 2020B) in Oregon

  • Climate Solutions advocated to legislators to pass and implement this bill. The goal of this bill is for Oregon to invest in cleaner energy solutions and cap carbon emissions, especially in communities that are majorly affected by the impacts of climate change.

What's next?

Climate Solutions is not stopping here! With help from #ProjectRISE and other partnerships, this is what you can expect to see from Climate Solutions for the rest of the year:

  • Win several major policy victories at the state, local, and regulatory levels that reduce carbon pollution in the transportation sector and build momentum for further achievements.
  • Build a strong coalition that represents a diversity of interests and has the political power to win and maintain victories.
  • Broaden outreach to build a more diverse and resilient movement.
  • Develop a comprehensive multi-year plan for equitably decarbonizing the transportation sector in the Northwest.

“The steps we take here in our corner of the country will elevate what’s possible to change the world.” – Climate Solutions

Climate Solutions is one of five environmental charities that Busch Systems supports through #ProjectRISE. With every purchase, customers have the opportunity to direct a Busch-backed donation to the charity of their choice!

Interested in learning more about Climate Solutions? Visit here:

To learn more about how you can participate in #ProjectRISE, check out our donation page!

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