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Why Become a Busch Systems Distributor?

Becoming a distributor for Busch Systems is the easiest way to enter the Recycling, Compost & Waste container market. You’ll have access to the largest line of containers available in the world and we spend a significant amount of time and money investing in R & D to ensure we always have the best containers in the industry. We’re always creating new, exciting products and love getting them into the hands of our distributors as soon as possible.

Our goal at Busch Systems is to make recycling simple and it starts with making our bins beautiful and cost-effective with minimal impact on our environment. All of our containers are proudly made in North America with recycled content and have endless features and benefits that make them an easy sell to individuals and organizations all over the world.

What Are The Advantages?

One of the many advantages to becoming a Busch Systems Distributor is we also provide you with all of the information you need to make some serious loot selling our awesome containers!

Whether it’s high-quality product photos, electronic marketing tools, branded specification sheets, marketing consulting or website consulting, we provide you with the very best to make it as easy as possible for you to get our bins out there.

Most importantly, we’re a fun group of people that are easy to work with and we genuinely value our partnerships with all of our 85+ distributors. We’re always listening and are open to any ideas you, or your customers, have about improving what we offer!

To take a look at the advantages of Busch Systems containers over our competitors visit our Advantages page.


The Process

Step 1

  • Who is your customer base? Do you focus on business to business? Retail? Public sector? Municipalities, governments? Schools and post-secondary institutions? Let us know, and we can recommend what containers have worked for us in those sectors over our 30 years of business in the recycling and waste industry.
  • Are you looking to focus on a certain line? Centralized containers, indoor, outdoor, desk-side options? Our Containers cover a number of different applications and purposes!
  • Are you looking to stock product, or do you prefer to drop ship? We offer distributor pricing for both!


Step 2

  • Let our staff train you on our products. Find out our strengths, how to market and how to sell our product. Know how to sell Busch Systems containers when you’re up against a competitor’s product!
  • We can work with you to come up with a pricing structure and list that will meet your needs. Our price sheets provide everything you need in a pdf format. Pricing, stamping options, product codes and spec sheets are all a single click away!


Step 3

  • Our staff values the relationships between a distributor and its manufacturer. As such, we pledge to work with you, not against you, to ensure your customers remain your customer. Let us know, and we will do our very best to ensure we are never competing for the same business.
  • Distributor loyalty. We want you to not only quote our product, but be excited when you do so. If you’ve done all the legwork, pushed our product and let your customer know that our solution is the only one they will want, just let us know! Should it go out to tender, we will advise our reps accordingly that your company was there first and will work out any special pricing or solutions that are necessary to ensure you are rewarded for all your work.


Step 4

  • Have an event or trade-show where you would like to showcase our product? Having attended nearly 1,000 shows and events over the years, we can tell you what products work best, what will get you the traffic you want and what will get your customers excited about our products.
  • We can assist with website implementation, provide hi-res images of our products, and even create customized spec sheets of our product with your name, logo and contact information.


Moving Forward

  • Our product lineup is ever-growing. Each year, we create more new products than all of our competitors combined. As such, be rest assured that our lineup will never grow stagnant; and as a result, neither will yours!
  • Constant updates will be provided on new products, changes, and how to sell our products better.
  • A quarterly newsletter will be provided on industry trends and changes and how to better sell our product.
  • We pledge to ensure you are satisfied with not just the product, but the service and ensure that your relationship with Busch in the years to come is not just a pleasant one, but a beneficial one as well.

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