Making Sense of Plastics Recycling

Moving past the hype and headlines to understand where plastics & plastics recycling fit with your collection program.

Original air date: Wed Aug 9th, 2023 at 1:00pm ET



Do the plastics you collect actually get recycled? Does plastics recycling it even make environmental sense? Is anyone ever going to figure out how to make it simple for the public to understand?

Media stories and even reports from environmental organizations have left many concerned or skeptical about the effectiveness of plastics recycling. With this program, respected plastics recycling and circular economy experts Nina Butler and Tonya Randell of Stina will give a factual overview of the state of plastics recycling and provide sustainability and facility managers with critical insights to plan local collection programs and respond to public concerns.

The presentation covered topics including current trends with commodity markets, life cycle research on plastics recycling’s impacts, and a forecast of how packaging design and other industry trends are likely to shape collection programs in the coming years, and was followed by a brief Q&A between the live attendees and our panelists.

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