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Welcome to Busch Systems, the direct source for customizable recycling bins & waste containers

To support everyone who cares about waste diversion with leading edge products and services that maximize the quantity and quality of their recycling program.
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About Us

Who are we? We’re an innovative, passionate, knowledgeable group of individuals who treat our clients and each other with respect and enthusiasm. We’re a company who thinks about the environment every day and designs, recommends and customizes waste and recycling solutions for collection programs across all industries. We’re dedicated to our philanthropic efforts and activities on and off the company clock. Every day we try our best to say ‘thank you’ to our colleagues and customers, while sharing a laugh too, that’s just who WE are!

Celebrating 30 Years

Our Story

Wow...a lot can happen in thirty years! Many faces, places and spaces have been a part of our journey and we’ve picked out a few points below to share:

First Curbside Recycling Container


The first curbside recycling program was implemented in Kitchener, ON. Craig Busch, then a student at York University in Toronto, ON recognized the program could be improved.

Busch Systems is Born


Busch Systems was born! Craig came to market with a lighter, more durable recycling bin and an inaugural order of 100,000 bins from the City of Hamilton, ON set our company on its way.

New Recycling Containers Begin


With Busch Systems now supplying half of the Blue Boxes used in Canada and having success in the U.S, our company begins to design more new containers most of which are still in the product line today!

Busch Systems Forms Manufacturing Plant


Busch Systems forms its own manufacturing plant which assures quality and quick turn-around for custom orders.

Busch Systems Moves to Saunders Road, Barrie, ON Canada


Growing again, the team moves into a larger space on Saunders Road, Barrie, ON…good thing there are always bins around to help pack!

Waste Watcher Station is Born


The Waste Watcher station first goes on to market! Still our best-selling station, this product took the market by storm.

Busch Buccaneers Dragon Boat Team


Busch Buccaneers First Dragon Boat Race! Paddling for fun and charity is an annual event for us.

Busch Moves Again to Rawson Ave, Barrie, ON Canada


Busch Systems International moves to a new, larger location while still keeping business roots in Barrie, ON.

Busch Systems installs a Green Wall


The 'Green Wall' is installed. With an eye to removing toxins from the work environment while adding natural beauty, this feature is the showpiece of our office and is enjoyed by all our staff!

Release of the Aristata Series


Release of the 'Aristata Series' as a surprising departure from molded containers and an exciting first step into designer collections.

Busch Systems Celebrates 30 years


Busch Systems International celebrates its 30th Anniversary!

Developing New and Innovative Products


We are working hard right now to develop new and innovative products that will surely knock your socks off.

Busch Systems installs a Green Wall


The introduction of the Evolve series shows the desire to remain the most innovative Recycling & Waste container manufacturer.

Release of the Aristata Series


Container standardization and energy efficient lighting are just a few of the many sustainability goals set to help further improve our carbon footprint! See our Sustainability Progress Report for more information.

Busch Buccaneers Dragon Boat Team


We developed the Resource Center as the world's first Collection Analytics Software being offered for free to help everyone Recycle Better, Together.

Busch Moves Again to Rawson Ave, Barrie, ON Canada


Busch Systems catches the eye of the major television networks with full TV spot on Innovations TV!

city series


Pave a new path in your outdoor sustainability goals with the newly launched Sustainable City series!



Every day, we make eco-conscious choices in our products and business practices to lessen our environmental impact.  We recognize that by constantly striving to reach a higher standard of sustainability, we can encourage our colleagues, suppliers and clients to do the same. Visit our Sustainability page to see what our annual environmental goals are and how we plan to accomplish them!

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Giving Back

Giving back to local, national and international charities is incredibly important to everyone here at Busch Systems. We live in a big city with a small town feel and it’s highly reflective of the characters and personalities present at our Busch Systems headquarters. It seems as if once a week we’re hosting an event to raise money for a good cause. Whether it be ALS Ice Bucket Challenges, Breast Cancer Awareness, Movember, Run’s for the Cure etc. we’re pouring our hearts into supporting it and promoting it.

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